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GoMunchies Brands LLC.
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Updated: 10/01/21

GoMunchies Standard At-Home Delivery Process

COVID-19 Updated

Single Family Homes | Duplexes | Apartments

For Standard GoMunchies Delivery ($3.99) Once you place your order, A GoMunchies Driver (who is COVID-19 negative and wearing a facemask) will pickup your order from store. Once your order is picked up you will be notify via our GoMunchies Delivery App and no items within your bag will be touched by driver. Your GoMunchies Driver will then deliver your order to you with his/her facemask on. You will first receive a notification that your order is on it's way and a pin to provide to driver once order is delivered. Drivers will ring door bell first, if one is not available Driver will knock and if no answer Driver will then call or text your number on file. There will be no direct contact between GoMunchies Drivers and Customers. For any questions about GoMunchies Delivery Standard At-Home Delivery Process please contact us, we'd love to hear from you.

GoMunchies Standard Self-Pickup Process

COVID-19 Updated

Order from GoMunchies Delivery App, pickup from store.

For standard self-pickup orders (no delivery charge) once you place your order, the Store you placed your order will accept your order first. You will receive a notification that your order has been accepted. Next before you leave, you will receive another notification stating that your order is ready for pickup. Drive to the store were you placed your order and show the Cashier your order ID. The Store Cashier will match order ID and provide you with your order. If you run into any issues or a denied order you will like us to investigate please feel free to contact us. *We ask that you wear a mask when picking up your order. To check to see if a mask is required please contact your local store about therefacemask requirements.

GoMunchies Partner Complexes

COVID-19 Updated

Free delivery when delivered to your apartment complex

*For GoMunchies Partner Complexes Only

For GoMunchies Partner Complexes (Free Delivery), apartment complexes, student living facilities that has partnered with GoMunchies will receive free delivery anytime they place an order and it's delivered to there complex. Once you place your order, you will receive a pin to provide your Driver once order is delivered and notifications that your order has been accepted, being bagged up, picked up by driver and on it's way. Once your GoMunchies Driver has made it to your apartment complex you will receive a notification. You will need to meet your Driver at the front door or front lobby area. If your Driver is having troubles with locating you they will contact you via text or call. * Your GoMunchies Driver will not bring your order to your door. If you have any issues with receiving your GoMunchies order please feel free to contact us so we can fix it swiftly.

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