GoMunchies for Birthdays & Corporate Celebrations

Celebrate each other with GoMunchies Gift Bags. Fill up gift bags with up to 6 items, any items we offer within GoMunchies Delivery. 

Birthday Gift Bags

From ages 5-forever | Minimum of 5 bags

GoMunchies Delivery offers a wide range of products from snacks, electronics to seasonal items. With our gift bag program you can fill up a GoMunchies bag with up to 6 items rather it’s items for kids or items for adults and we will deliver to birthday party free of charge. Please provide at least a 24 hour notice.

Corporate Gift Bags

Minimum of 10 bags

Celebrate your employee’s with GoMunchies by providing employee gift bags during corporate events or celebrations. Fill up bags with up to 6 products from GoMunchies Delivery and we will deliver to your business for free.

Disclaimer: GoMunchies may sell products that may be unsuitable for workplace. We cannot be held accountable for any gift bags. We would suggest talk to your employers management to obtain more information on what products are or may not be suitable for your workplace. For more questions for us please contact info@gomunchies.io.